The word                                                                       PRAVDA 
means the Truth and derives                                                             from the oldest language on
Earth, one of the ancient Prakrits, Pāli,                                         literally meaning The Heavenly One, in
which it sounds Pala Vada, literally meaning the                       Heavenly Knowledge. In later Sanskrit this has
changed to Para Veda, and its meaning has expanded            to  Unsurpassed   Knowledge,   which  means  both
Knowledge  of  the Universe   and   Knowledge  from   the     UniverseThe  word  PRAVDA  is still  in use  in  Polish
and  other  ancient  tongues.  It  is  a  phonetic  abbreviation of Para Veda and is the  most  ancient  knowledge on Earth.
PRAVDA  is  based  on  the unique  experience of Pol Lelis, the Prominent Heavenly Youth, primary humanoid inhabitants
  of the Earth,  who had  an ability to travel in space and other dimensions, and so were able to survive many of  the  'Ends of  
The World' (GEE). Pol Leli,  aka  Palyaki,  were  the extremely  long-lived giants  and established human civilisation on Earth
at the  time  immemorial,  millions, if  not  billions of years ago. They tried  to pass  onto  the rest  of their  short-lived progeny,
whom  they  called   mali,  and  as  much  as these  were  capable   of  comprehending  their   message,  the  most  important
part  of  their  long  life experience,  which was  the  PRIMARY  PREREQUISITE  OF  PERIODICITY  (PPP). PPP   teaches
about   the  temporariness  of  life   on  planets   due   to  the  cyclical nature of  physics of  the Cosmos,  extending to very
long   intervals,   so   the   short-lived   small   humans   had  never  been  able  to  imagine  what  the  Law  really  says.
They  learned  it  by  heart,  without  having  understood   it,   creating this  way, instead of science, dogmatic  belief    
systems,  which  kept   turning   into religions. These  were  numerous  and  proliferated continuously, all  totally    
false  because  of   the  flawed  merit  resulting  of  impossibility  of  getting   the  picture of GEE, which  was    
not   a  personal   experience  of  anyone  among  the malis.  Otherwise  natural, this infomination  has      
become  from   the  beginning   the  everlasting  axis  of discord  between  the giants and the rest         
of  humanity,  turning  into  a long  and  painful  one for both parties, a process, known to us           
all  as  'history of  human  civilisation'. (more) PPP DEFINITION: The  universal  law of            
the   PPP   was  recently  rediscovered  and has been formulated  according to               
contemporary  scientific  standards   by TIIT Technology Institute,  and                  
sounds: It is in the  nature  of  the  Universe, that  the  centers  of                    
galaxies periodically emit i. a. streams of electricity, which                    
occurr  on planets  as the GEEs, or Global Electric                     
Events,  causing  dramatic climate changes                     
on global scale on  planets' surfaces                    
in  the Universe, more or less                   
intensely, more or less                 
regularly,  every               
few millen          


is an abbreviation for Global
Electric Effect
. The term was first used by
TIIT Technology Institute  in the  Law of PPP,
stating that Earth's physics is cyclically reaching extrema
due to the Sun's electromagnetism. GEE refers not just to the
Earth, but determines all of the physical phenomena accompanying
interaction of electromagnetic fields generated by planets, or any other
celestial body, or their group, located in the immediate vicinity against one
another in the outer space. A closer look at our Sun shows that it is, as all the
stars, a highly electrically charged celestial body.   The latest in science indicates
that the Sun is not a cloud of gas, but another planet with a semi-solid crust of iron
surrounding a small kernel, which is a channel for all  the primeval cosmic energy  to
ooze from the suboptical zoom dimension. The Earth is of a similar structure, and just
as the Sun, is a strong electromagnet, so the natural result of two such bodies being in
cosmic proximity is a cyclical occurrence of theGEEs, or electric short circuits of cosmic
proportions. Humanity sees them as global dooms, the infamous Ends Of The World,
every few thousand years ruining all life on Earth, occurring on all planets of the Solar
. It is a result of currents cyclically emitted by center of our Galaxy, which is
indicated by signs of the Zodiac, as part  of  the Vedic Knowledge named Para Veda,
aka PRAVDA, the Heavenly Wisdom, the Truth in Pāli,  left  to us by Pol Lelis the
Giants, our Stellar Progenitors. After the fiery GEE, which occurred 13,750 years
ago, ca 490,000 of  these beings  died violent  death.  Earth's  biosphere  got
totally destroyed and the Giant Night fell for 90 years. After its fall human
civilisation managed to rise again only in a few thousand years and only
thanks to effort of Easter of Pol Lelis, who brought humanity back
to  normal,  far from  previous  glory  though.  The next GEE is
expected  to affect  our  planet  again  in a few  thousand
years  at most,  so  it is  important to disseminate
the PRAVDA as widely as we possibly can
by  employng  all  available






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