On this page, PEACE presents transfers of all published achievements of the POLONEUM Family of Organisations, being the
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'P For Heaven, or Polish means the Heavenly One' is an unfinished book by Stanisław Kabaciński about Polishness. Since the Author undertook to reconstruct the history of the world based on the analysis of word cores of all languages, this work will not be completed until the introduction of the ALGORITHM of , i.e. the IT Script, which is still under development. Despite this obstacle, the first chapters are already published in PDF format on this site through links available in the POLONEUM Library.

'PLANET POLONEUM' is a book prepared for publication in PDF format, created as a consequence of the POLONEUM Program of the same name. The Author, POLAK Stanisław, looks for answers to the following important issues: Is it possible to improve our civilisation? Can we reorganise our planet so that it becomes permanently our shared safe home and spaceship? Can the Earth become an ideal, peaceful and eternal POLONEUM PLANET, free from infomination and resistant to the GEE, or Home of ? It will be available here for download next year.

BIOKONST is a neologism used by the Author to manifest his idea of developing a new industry of the same name, whose propagation He initiated at the First in the World Seminar entitled 'Application of Genetic Engineering (GM) in Architecture, Construction and Related Fields'. It was a great event of 2001 in His hometown, Poddębice, which was attended by architects, builders, biologists and geneticists. This is a handbook for future generations of architects and civil engineers, which will be published after 2022.

'POLONEUM' is a book about the genesis of the organisation of the same name, which leads to a fascinating synthesis by analysing the role of the heart and mind in life, and their importance for the meaning of existence, based on a very extensive database systematically enlarged in accordance with the Algorithm of . It is an expression of this intellectual anxiety that so many keep for the rest of their lives thinking about their own existence, and at the same time a simple and accurate answer to the question: "Quo vadis homine?" It will be published after 2022.

This book is a result of the development of the PEACE Program of the same name, which aims to implement the ongoing discoveries made by POLONEUM EDUCATIONAL ACE in the field of verification of the information database re. the history of the human family on this planet. Its publication and appearance in print will take place after the end of its process, and then it will contribute to controlling and finally neutralising the globally raging infomination , which in the currently difficult to determine perspective and in the long run will transform human civilisation into one conscious Tribe of The HEAVENLY ONES.

DILMUN is the name in Sumer meaning 'PARADISE LAND', which has always been a term for a very enigmatic and inaccessible land located somewhere far in the east, where there were no lions, diseases, aging, or even death. And this is not about 'Elam', in the Ladin records 'Eli Sium', which is the famous 'Lyeli's Land'. After of all available information, this book will show that DILMUN is an area where after the last GEE, lived the HEAVENLY ONES/PALYAKI, about which information survived, among others in such names from India as 'PALA Empire', Capital City 'Dheli' and the Country of 'Rishis', 'Mohenjo Daro'.

This dictionary does not yet exist in the Polish-linguistic version, because Pāli is a very little known prakrite, to which science does not attach much importance, just as does to the prakrite Elu of Shri Lanka/Święta Łąka/Holly Meadow of Pol Lyelis, and many other still little known to science that they are of key importance for the development of Polish culture and our entire civilisation. Due to the historical significance of the Pāli Language for POLISHITY, his knowledge of Polish language should be the foundation of Polish, but also international, education, and therefore this dictionary, although very small, is already a very important step in this direction.

'PODDĘBICE 2001' is a book about Seminar, which became famous thanks to presentation by Stanisław Kabaciński of the message contained in 'POLONEUM PROPOSAL 2000, ARCHITECTURE ':


Abstract~Reality Theory, in short the AR Theory, is still restrained from being presented in the form of a book, due to the fact that this concept requires in-depth study, and starting from the basics of physics that still cannot cope with explaining e.g. what is 'gravity'. All this science, unfortunately, still remains in such an alarming state, that without a thorough desinfomination using the Algorithm one can't rely on it.

This book presents the origin of Easter and its name, and it is such an innovative view on the topic that the world has not yet seen it, to such an extent that on Easter Night in 2019 the POLONEUM website experienced a hacker attack, because for some cultures this view is genuinely painful, according to the ancient saying ' stings the eyes'.

To this day, linguistics does not give the full and clear etymology of the name 'Ass/Ace', which is strange, because the meaning of the word is always used as a superlative, and this fact must have, and indeed has, its rational historical justification. Asses/Aces are therefore known around the world since the dawn of time as Aesir / Assy / Yassy / Azes / Azors / Ozes / Essens / Assirs / Assurs / Saars / Ihzers / Khazars / Cossacks / Kazakhs / Uzbeks / Hussars / Ossets / Khusits / Hases / Getae / Goths / Katts and so on etc., hundreds of varieties and this book gives the etymology of the name Asia, that is, the land of Aces / Azes, but also thanks to this the history of the humanity's development.

The root of the word 'golf' comes from the speech of the Hellenes, i.e. descendants of the ancient Lyelis / Galls / Gallyads / Colosses, is a variation of the sound of 'gu Alba', 'to Alba' and indicates that golf is by no means one of many sport disciplines, but an ancient game known from Alba, today's Scotland, which is an extremely original form of information transfer about the Law of PPP, ruling life in space, and a precise description of the history of the Heavenly PALYAKS, or Pol Lyelis. Golf depicts Their existential realities, as Zodiac also states, because in fact They must constantly move, according to the Law of PPP, from planet to planet, i.e. from PAR to PAR, like a golf ball, to avoid the GEE and maintain the continuity of Their Family. The publication of this book is scheduled for next year.

This book about infomination, the greatest danger known to this world, is just being created, and so far there is not even this title expression in the media circulation. Infomination is a neologism created by the TIIT Institute from the words information and contamination, from Latin contaminatione, pollution. This term means information containing logical contradictions or otherwise inconsistent with and is an introduction to the process of information promoted by the POLONEUM EDUCATIONAL ACE.

As indicated by the word core analysis, TIIT means 'child', meaning 'creation' and 'life'. And this title is an abbreviation for 'Trans-disciplinary Implementation of Information Technology', which describes the activities of the TIIT Institute, which studies the issues vital for the development of human civilisation, and its research and development in broadly understood computer science is aimed at finding answers to all questions put on by life.

This book is another attempt to recreate what really happened on our planet during the last Global Electric Effect (GEE) of 'fiery' class. In the history of this planet it occurred before the advent of Neolithic and was a great tragedy for the brilliantly developed civilisation of Pol Lyelis, which met Them on a part of this planet later called Atlantis, i.e. from the perspective of the continent of Ases, Azjefrica, in the pracritical records known as 'Ata Lanta', 'Atlantis', meaning literally 'Other Land', located beyond the Ocean, therefore called the 'Atlantic'.

Found on the Internet and translated into Polish entirely by Stanisław Kabaciński it is available only in the POLONEUM Library and only in digital version. The title of this book by R. A. Boulay, "Flying Snakes and Dragons," is very deceptive, because this item is about authentic historical personalities. This is an extremely valuable analysis of the development of civilisation in the Middle East, because the Author used impartial reasoning, very close to the STANDARD, devoting 30 years of His life and managed to overcome many infominated stereotypes.

is an article about the consequences of the POLONEUM 2001 DELEGATION, which came from Australia to Europe on June 22, 2001, on the invitation of a Polish charity organisation interested in the POLONEUM 2001 PROPOSAL document.

The AR TIIT Algorithm, also called the Algorithm, is an IT instrument planned to be permanently installed in A, the Abstract of the brain, intended for universal and widespread use, with some skill, practically unknown. The principle of its operation contains analogies to the algorithms used in optical scanners, but above all it is a mathematical formula used in computer science intended for industrial desinfomination on a global scale.

Easter (Wielkanoc/Пасха/Paskha) is a holiday as old as humanity itself, celebrated by people in all cultures without exception, and from their very beginning. Naturally, such a great holiday firmly rooted in the traditions of every people, attracted all subsequent religious movements that imposed their specific meanings and attributed their sagas to it. This article clearly shows that the original background clearly pierces through all of them, despite the varying rhetoric, and that we all should therefore change our understanding of this ceremony.

This is an article about HARSAG, i.e. the Heading Garden (from the Sumerian SAG, head), the last of the so-called Paradise Gardens, called in India ARs, in Sumer HARs, in Rectia HALs, etc., inhabited by the Heavenly Giants, in our Mother Speech of Pol Lyelis, and colloquially Palyaki, and their offspring, Rishi, later Russes. It grew in legend so strongly that his search was discontinued, apparently assuming that he had never actually existed in one specific place, while the facts clearly show that he existed in what is now Lebanon.

The name GOLF is a colloquialism created from the Celtic phrase 'GU ALBA', corresponding to Old Polish 'Ku Libya' and 'KoLiba', and means 'Archangels' Life'. The idea of playing GOLF is to make the ball travel from PAR to PAR with as few flights as possible, and PAR means SKY, PARADISE, A SAFE PLACE FOR LIFE IN COSMOS, which precisely confirms the etymology of the golf term PAR.

This article about infomination, the greatest danger known to this world, is published on this site of the TIIT Institute. The term infomination means information containing logical contradictions or otherwise inconsistent with and is an introduction to the process of information promoted by the POLONEUM EDUKATIONAL ACE.

The List of Sovereigns from Sumer is a unique study giving the names of all Earth rulers, starting with the landing of the first ALU Star Lord in Eridu. His name was also pronounced later AL, JAL, GAL, AR, JAR, 'L, 'R, IL, IR, EL, ER, HERR, JEL, LJEL, OL, UR, RU, RA, etc. and became synonymous with the words 'God', 'Lord', 'Ruler', 'Giant' and others in all languages of the world.

The POLONEUM Linguistic Key was developed by TIIT for the PLANET POLONEUM program. It is a system describing the similarity of consonants' sounds within the 5th Color Code, in which consonants are defined according to the position of the tongue in relation to the palate. In cases where the role of consonants in the word is taken over by vowels, we write it as O, O, A, I, etc. according to the Color Code.

TIIT presented this study, which enables efficient coding of basic human speech sounds based on transparent principles linking the sound of sounds with their recording. The 'PaTyCHeK' system is still being researched and improved, but the concept itself has been accepted by PLANAGE and is already being widely published.

This 'POLONEUM Proposal' is a document of historical importance in which the POLONEUM Family of Organisations proposes to implement marketing for the following programs: Implementation of Genetics in Architecture, Prioritising the Biotechnology and BIOCONST, so that they are useful for all organizations and enterprises active in architecture, construction and related fields to support in these areas, the use of products and services containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The POLONEUM 2001 Delegation aims to implement the ongoing discoveries made by the POLONEUM EDUCATIONAL ACE in the field of information verification database on the human family history on this planet. Since 2012, POLONEUM has continued the PLANET POLONEUM program, its great undertaking aspiring to scan and verify all information from all fields of human knowledge. As a result of this activity, the was created, which generates concepts, programs and projects presenting a desinfominated picture of the origin and course of existence of our civilisation.

This is a fragment of the infinite chapter 16. 'Reconstruction of antiquity based on linguistics' by Stanislaw Kabacinski's book 'P Jak Niebo (P For Heaven), or Poland means Heavenly'. This text presents an outline of verification of the human family history on this planet made by the information transmitted in the cores of words of all cultures, and a precise description of the whole methodology is presented in the , which in its departments defines all ideas and concepts used in the programs and projects of the Family of POLONEUM Organisations dealing with desinfomination of the image of the origin and course of existence of our civilisation.

POLONEUM OPAL HEART is the first and most important graphic for the POLONEUM ORGANISATIONS FAMILY, because it is a symbol of that illustrates the ideas of concepts, programs and projects presenting a desinfominated image of the origin and the course of our civilisation's existence.

This is the original work of POLONEUM which was made by analogy with the composition by Wanda Zielenczyk famous around the Vistula River. This concept was accepted by PLANAGE because it was made strictly with STANDARD, and the artistic value of this new version of the composition is at a level appropriate for a wide publication, covering many cultures of this planet.

This poetry was created and is propagated by the POLONEUM Organisations Family as a variant of the birthday song perfected in agreement with PLANAGE which is widespread in Polish culture in the following form: "Hundred years, a hundred years live, let him/her live for us, hundred years, a hundred years live, let him/her live for us, once again, once more, let him/her live live for us, let him/her live for us! Let his / her star of prosperity never quench, never quench, and whoever doesn't drink with us let a thunder strike him / let him fall asleep under the table."

This animation is a presentation of the SHELL-EA project, the first of the BIOCONST series, i.e. the groundbreaking architectural design initiatives of the TIIT Institute, implemented to control architecture, construction and related industries towards the use of biotechnology, by implementing GM techniques in industry. POLONEUM INC., which first started working on this project, in 2003 transferred it to a third party for implementation.

At this stage, this is just an animated gif, which is a preview of a full-length film depicting the desinfominated image of the origin and the course of existence of our civilisation, according to the Methodology, Definitions and Concepts, which develops based on the PEACE Database.


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